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Caravans at Kinlochleven

Le Robin O'Connor - air a luchdachadh suas 25/11/2011

I have been looking for any photos of the pier and large boats at Kinlochleven for some time now so it was great to find them on this site.

I used to stop at the caravan site at Narroch Bridge run by the McGregor family (possibly spelt wrong) over 40 years ago; the owner's son, John, and I became friends. Sadly I stopped going on holiday with my parents and lost contact with him. The site has been closed for many years, I went back there 4 years ago to find 1 fisherman's caravan and the remains of a toilet block. As a child I thought I had seen freighters going down the loch to the then operating aluminium works. The photos on your site confirm it. Does anyone have any photos of the campsite when it was open or know what happened to John Frazer McGregor? I understand he left the town but may still have a younger sister in the area. I believe his father drove the local bus for Macbraynes. They were wonderful days.

Beachdan roimhe

John (and wife Pamela) still own Narroch but live in Glencoe these days . House 22b Lower Carnoch Glencoe Village

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