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Dreams of home
by Thurman Reynolds

Added 25/03/2014
Loch Ness
by Josh Gibbens

Added 07/09/2012
English point of view
by kristin robson

Added 04/08/2012
Caravans at Kinlochleven
by Robin O'Connor

Added 25/11/2011
The River Ness
by Liz Crichton
Yer straddled many times my girl by bridges slim and wide. The water lappin 'long yer banks oft changes with the tide As Moray surges into town a couple o times each day. And many's a body ye both have drowned, who close to yer edge did stray.
Added 15/09/2010
Bonnie Prince Charlie
by J Dawson

Added 24/08/2010
Side By Side
by Brian Robertson
A memory from a happy childhood.
Added 18/08/2010
Summer Storm
by Liz Crichton
A poem
Added 03/08/2010
A Man Called Willi
by Alex MacLeod
A poem about a German PoW who settled in Inverness
Added 03/10/2008
A Tribute
by Tom Aitchison
A Tribute to Calum Kennedy
Added 16/09/2008
Ceardainn na h-Alba
by Michelle Iona Melville
Deic mo charaid! Dheic mi na ceardan a' tighinn suas an eanach.
Added 16/04/2009
A Star
by Tom Aitchison
There's a star shining bright over Lewis, making way to the Island of Skye
Added 16/09/2008
Mo Sheanair
by Fiona MacLeod
Mo Sheanair (My Granda)
Added 27/08/2008
Rosemarkie Beach
by Alex Macleod
Perfection can be found where sin does not abound,
Added 06/06/2008
Sandstone Gem (Fortrose)
by Alex Macleod
For my woes I must blame you,
You that blinding sandstone gem
Added 06/06/2008
Culloden: eye witness to history
by Kimberley Jordan Reeman
Wednesday, April 16, 1746, 11 a.m.: a raw morning, with a bitter north wind scything up from the Moray Firth, bringing heavy showers of rain and sleet.
Added 25/04/2008
Sunset on the Beauly Firth from South Kessock
by Alex Macleod
I saw the sunset with deepening red,
And darkening clouds that etched across the sky.
Added 06/06/2008
The Place I Stay (South Kessock)
by Alex Macleod
The lovely salty waters are still
Where fleets of boats once had their fill.
Added 06/06/2008
North and South with the Firth Between
by Alex Macleod
I've been on the other side and looked at all that's to be seen,
Added 06/06/2008
Spring Is In The Air
by Alex Macleod
Spring is in the air
And we can shake away each care.
Added 06/06/2008
U.S. Grant's Living Relatives... Me
by Destin Grant
My name is Destin Grant. My father's name is Kenneth Grant. My father told me many stories when I was younger
Added 11/08/2009
Bonfire night
by Lisa Frantz
Bonfire night Only one sparkler Never light a bonfire by yourself
Added 19/10/2009
The Battle of Culloden April 16, 1746 The Last Gathering of the Clans
by Jim Grady
Now is the time to gather 'round my friends, For telling the truth, we may hope to make amends
Added 28/04/2008
Travellers Poem - Travelling Ways
by Alexander Stewart
The night was dark and slowly creeping. Inside the tents young men were sleeping all waiting for the bran new morn.
Added 18/10/2005
Caithness Haiku
by Ann M P McLeod
hot flaky flagstones
noisy cluckan' hens
kittens roaman' in e' byre
Added 10/07/2007
hard times
by lesley robertson
My grandparents were from Golspie a small village in the highlands and times were hard.
Added 15/05/2010
Blind Teenie and Jeannie the Dwarf
by Doris McCann
One day Ken's gander attacked Jeannie and it had to be killed and all the children cried. It had been a big gander big enough for Ken to sit on its back.
Added 03/06/2005
by Doris McCann
As she finished pouring the potatoes, the phone rang. She put the pot back on the stove and went into the hall.
Added 07/06/2005
by Doris McCann
Cracked plastic cups and astonishing stones massacred shells and
Added 07/06/2005

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